6 Encouraging Things Wearing Hearing Aids Says About You

  It remains a mystery as to why wearing glasses—which correct vision impairment—is perceived as an indication of intelligence, while wearing hearing aids—which treat hearing impairment—has been perceived as an indication of old age. Maybe it’s about time the stigma of hearing loss is corrected, and we redefine what it means for our bodies to…

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10 Cool Ways to Control Your Hearing Aids With the Apple Watch

  By Joho345 (Own work) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons Imagine being able to fine-tune the volume, treble, and bass on your hearing aids as discretely and easily as checking the time on your wrist. Or picture fine-tuning your hearing aids for any hearing environment without ever having to touch your hearing aids. Sound…

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Treat Your Hearing Loss

 We all put things off, regularly talking ourselves out of strenuous or uncomfortable activities in favor of something more pleasant or fun. Distractions abound as we tell ourselves that we will eventually get around to whatever we’re presently working to avoid. Usually, procrastination is fairly harmless. We might plan to clear out the basement, for…

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How Insects are Revolutionizing Hearing Aids

 Today’s hearing aids have come a long way; present models are highly effective and include powerful digital capabilities, such as wifi connectivity, that considerably improve a person’s ability to hear along with their all-around quality of life. But there is still room for improvement. Specifically, in specific situations hearing aids have some challenges with two…

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