How to Communicate Effectively Despite Hearing Loss

  Communication is regularly cited as one of the most—if not the most—important factors to strengthening and preserving healthy relationships. As reported by the PBS program The Emotional Life: “How couples behave when solving problems together or arguing can predict the character and success of their relationship. A raised eyebrow, a hand on the arm,…

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How Modern Hearing Aids Can Save Your Holiday Season

  Dealing with hearing loss throughout the holiday season can be particularly difficult. While you may actually prefer to NOT hear some of your family members, the discussions you do want to engage in can be stressful. And because nearly all large holiday events tend to be loud, it can be nearly impossible to concentrate…

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Why Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

  Are two hearing aids better than one? If you’re searching for the short answer, then yes, almost all cases of hearing loss are ideally treated with two hearing aids. If you want to learn why, or are interested about why we have two ears in the first place, then keep on reading. The Advantages…

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The Alarming Hearing Loss Statistics You Need to Know About

 Far too frequently, we hear people say that hearing loss only applies to “old people,” that it’s just part of getting old, or that it’s generally an uncommon ailment. These claims couldn’t be further from the facts. Here are statistics you need to know about: Prevalence of hearing loss in the US Hearing loss, to…

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6 Ways Your Brain Transforms Sound Into Emotion

 It has long been understood that there are powerful connections between sound, music, emotion, and memory, and that our personal experiences and preferences determine the type and intensity of emotional reaction we have to distinct sounds. For example, research has uncovered these common associations between specific sounds and emotions: The sound of a thunderstorm evokes…

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Professional musicians at greater risk of developing hearing loss

  Celebrity, wealth, and screaming fans — these are a couple of the terms and phrases you’d use in order to describe the lifestyle of a professional musician. In spite of this, what you most likely wouldn’t give thought to is “hearing loss” or “tinnitus,” the not-so-enjoyable side-effects of all that fame, wealth, and screaming….

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Preventing work related hearing loss with high fidelity, custom-fit ear plugs

  85 decibels. That’s the sound intensity at which repeated exposure can result in significant hearing damage. 100 decibels. that is the sound level reached by a rock show, which is not-so-good news for musicians or show goers. It’s also part of a greater problem: According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a…

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How Ibuprofen Can Lead to Hearing Loss

 There are many different things that can cause hearing loss in our daily lives. That is why many people are vigilant about avoiding loud noises and wearing the proper equipment when they are actively going out to work in a loud place. However, many people still are unaware that ibuprofen can be a dangerous substance…

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Brain Hearing Restores Optimal, Natural Hearing

 Hearing aids are not a new technology, and most people are familiar with the basic functions and goals that they have. Yet, not everyone knows about the incredible advances that have taken place in the hearing health world over the last ten years. No longer do people have to suffer with the large, unsightly hearing…

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Electric Cochlear Implants: Functions And Benefits

 Electric cochlear implants are one of the devices that have gained tremendous amounts of support in the hearing industry over the last few years. While they are far more complex and expensive than typical hearing aids, the outcomes that they produce for severely impaired individuals are truly second to none. While electric cochlear implants are…

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